Big Bottle Blowout!

Southern Tier’s Blackwater Series has turned beer into dessert, replicating things like Creme Brulee and Thin Mints into beer form. Choklat is an imperial chocolate stout, thick and rich, with notes of chocolate, chocolate, and chocolate.

Every year, Alesmith makes a beer and calls it Decadence, and every year it’s a different style. We’re featuring the 2015 version today, which is a 10% ABV Belgian-style Amber. Vintage beer? 10% Amber? It’ll all make sense when you try it. Notes of coconut, vanilla, toffee, and more.

Perennial’s Saison de Lis is probably one of the easiest crowd-pleasing beers we carry. Already one of the most approachable styles in the game, this Saison has lively but delicate and soft carbonation, floral notes throughout, and finishes clean and dry enough to leave you wanting more.

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