Jolly Pumpkin Sale!

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Pumpkin beers already?! It’s July!”

Not so fast, my friends. Jolly Pumpkin is a brewery originating in Dexter, MI and specializing in beers that utilize wild yeast. Their lineup leans heavy on the Saison as a base beer, which creates a canvas for additions of fruit, spices and whatever else master blender Ron Jefferies wants to add. Today we’re featuring two collaboration beers with a little bit of everything thrown in.

Calabaza Boreal – JP got together with one of the breweries that loves Brettanomyces as much as they do, Anchorage Brewing. The result is a funky, slightly tart Saison that sees additions of peppercorns, grapefruit and grapefruit peel. It’s also aged in oak for another layer of subtle complexity.

Sobrehumano Palena’ole – This collaboration with Maui Brewing combines two fruits native to each brewery’s home state, cherries and lilikoi (think Passionfruit). Balance is created from a lively acidity and assertive oak, keeping the fruit additions in check.

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