What I’m Drinking: White Port

Recently one of our vendors was visiting Portugal and came back raving about white port cocktails. Apparently they are insanely popular over there despite being relatively unknown to the rest of the world. I’m always looking for new, unique things to try so I thought we should try to track some down to bring into the store. A week later, I’m at home with a product that has found a permanent place on my bar. As a cocktail base it is remarkably versatile – it can replace gin, rum, even whiskey in cocktails on occasion. Being the middle of summer, I prefer lighter, refreshing drinks which is why I’ve been using it in a variation on the mojito:

  • slice of lime
  • a few mint leaves (optional)
  • 1oz elderflower liqueur
  • 2oz white port
  • 4oz club soda

Directions: Muddle the lime and and mint leaves at the bottom of a glass. Add some ice and the remaining ingredients and give them a good stir. Head outside, forget you are supposed to mow the lawn, sit back, and enjoy!

– Kevin