Half Acre, Full Pints

Chicago’s Half Acre Beer Company makes good enough beer that it turned me into somewhat of a bootlegger. A few times per year, I’d make the run across the border (of Illinois) to load up on their hop-forward offerings like Daisy Cutter and Gone Away IPA. Thankfully Half Acre made my job much easier earlier this year by announcing that they’d finally start sending beer to Wisconsin, including the beers listed above and then some. Today, we’re featuring four of their fantastic four packs on sale, all day long.

Daisy Cutter – Half Acre’s most well-known beer, Daisy Cutter has notes of pine and mango from the hops, biscuit from the malt, and dry balance up the wazoo.

Pony – There’s a new gang of Pilsners in town, and Pony is the horse they rode in on. Noble hop spiciness, light bodied, dry and crushable. The Beer Baron loves it, too.

Vallejo – This is quite possibly the beer I was most excited about having on our shelves regularly. Dank and dry with guava and green mango aromas. It’ll be gone before you know it, better grab two!

Tuna – A session IPA by any other description, this Extra Pale Ale has aroma that jumps out of the glass but keeps it cool at 4.7% ABV. An ocean of lemon, lime and peach.