Cadet-ly Red

If you were asked to name the most presitigious wine region in the world, chances are you’d answer “Bordeaux, France”. Viticulture has been practiced in the region for thousands of years and perfecting production has become genetic among many families.WIth such notoriety came steep prices and the wines were usually reserved for Europe’s elite.

In the early 1930’s, Baron Phillipe de Rothschild, of one of such families, decided to change that by creating the Mouton Cadet line of wines. By collecting grapes from across the region he was able to maintain the historic quality but produce wine at a more accesible price available to a wider audience. Almost 100 years later, the Mouton Cadet line still showcases that classic Bordeaux quality and we’ve got some available at an amazing price!

The Reserve Mouton Cadet 2013 is comprised of 3 of the region’s primary varietials: Merlot (85%), Cabernet Sauvignon (8%) and Cabernet Franc (7%). The nose reveals red fruit notes such as wild strawberry and morello cherry, while aromas of mild spice emerge with airing. The palate is round and complex, showing the excellence of its origins, while the smooth and spicy finish lingers on attractive cumin notes with a touch of vanilla.