A Win-Win(ter)!

Even though there’s been a 30 degree upswing in temperature, it is still definitely winter out there. Today we’re celebrating(?) with a couple of great Winter seasonals that have winter in the name. What a great idea!

Option one is a longtime staple in the world of Wisconsin winter seasonals, Capital’s Winter Skal. It’s amber hued pour strikes a balance between caramel, bread, and slight floral hops to end up at a clean and easy finish. An easy drinker for sure. Normally in the $8 range, today we have six packs for just $6.99 each! 

For those of you who like to think outside the box with their seasonal offerings, I present Bell’s Winter White. It’s a hazy Belgian Wit, meaning subtle notes of clove, fruit, and palate-scrubbing bubbles that make it a great pair with a wide variety of food. Normally in the $7-8 range, we’re offering 4 pack cans of Winter White for just $4.99 all day long!