Malbec-oning Your Tastebuds!

Although it originates from France, the Malbec grape was introduced to Argentina during the mid-19th century where it was immediately adopted as the country’s varietal of choice. At the foothills of the Andes Mountains in the Mendoza region, it quickly found that the clay and sandy soils allowed its roots to strengthen while dry and sunny skies allowed the fruits to ripen better than anywhere else in the world. Today, almost 70% of the world’s Malbecs hail from the region and with good reason – they are delicious!

Coming from a family with more than 70 years of experience in winemaking, the Los Haroldos Malbec 2015 pours an intense ruby red and violet into your glass. Aromas of ripe red fruit and dark berries hit the nose while on the palate it is soft, has ripe tannins, and a touch of oak provides subtle notes of chocolate, vanilla and spices. The finish is elegant and long-lasting making it a perfect accompaniment for lean meats such as pork, lamb, or flank steak.