See What The Haze Craze Is All About!

Waunakee’s Octopi Brewing has officially hit their stride. While most of the brewery’s capacity is dedicated to contract brewing, it was always the intent to have a “house brand” within, so brewers could also make beers they wanted to make. Initially that brand was 3rd Sign. It never took off however, and was eventually killed off, forcing Octopi to change directions. In a bold move, they put their own name on the label, surely a sign of confidence in their new recipes. Since then, HopRocket and Galaxy have…taken off (I know, I know). These modern takes on the IPA result in less bitterness and predominantly citrus. They also are super hazy in appearance, a thing that the beer geeks go crazy for these days.

Octopi’s other house brand (in a sense) is a collaboration with Levi Funk of Madison’s Funk Factory Gueuzeria called Untitled Art. Funk Factory only makes wild-fermented beers, so Untitled Art is his outlet for making clean beers in progressive styles that aren’t always readily available in Wisconsin.

Today from 4-6, we’ll have someone in from Octopi hanging out to pour samples of the Octopi IPAs, as well as a few of the Untitled Art beers.