Price Alert-a on La Puerta!

Established in 1994, Valle de la Puerta (Argentina) is nestled in between the Famatina and Velasco Mountain ranges providing the vineyard with an absolutely breathtaking backdrop. The valley is ideal for producing ripe grapes with hot dry days and cool nights but lacks one important ingredient, rain. An essential element for growing pretty much anything, the valley receives as little as 4-8 inches per year resulting in desert-like topography. In order to compensate for the lack of precipitation, the vineyard irrigates from wells almost 700 feet deep making it one of the most modern and technologically advanced wineries of its type in Argentina.

La Puerta Clasico Malbec 2017 pours a deep red into your glass. Aromas of fruit and suggestive violets mingle with flavors of ripened plum and cherries over characteristically smooth tannins. This unique and delightful Malbec is well-balanced across the palate with a long and persistent finish.