Reach For The Summit!

A note from Dan:  Last Sunday night after playing in a hard-fought hockey game, some teammates and I went over to Dexter’s for a post-game hangout. After scanning the menu multiple times over, Summit’s Keller Pils kept standing out as the beer that was going to be my thirst-quenching, not too sweet, not too heavy post-game beverage. And I don’t like to brag, but boy was I right. Not only was the beer refreshing, but the moment was too, letting beer be the background of a social gathering with friends.

These days it’s easy to get caught up in what’s new and trendy, but Summit is a brewery that has been making rock-solid beer that hasn’t chased anything. Today we’d like to remind you of that, so we invited Ross (who graciously accepted) to hang out in the store from 4-6 and pour samples of Keller Pils, Maibock, and their brand new IPA variety pack. That last one features Saga IPA as well as 3 brand new IPAs from the St. Paul brewery.