Minnesota Nice Deal!

Today Ross from Summit is back in the store from 4-6 for a completely, totally free tasting! We’ll have a few different 12 pack canned options for your enjoyment, including:

Keller Pils: Summit knows their way around the old world German styles and this is no exception. Previously brewed as a 30th anniversary beer, Keller Pils has made it’s way back into their lineup. Unfiltered for a slightly hazy, full-flavored easy drinker.

Boundary Waters Variety Pack: Features 4 beers made for summer,  including Lazy Sipper, Hefeweizen, Skip Rock (White Ale), and Golden Fruited (Golden Ale).

Lazy Sipper: Brewed as an exclusive for the Minnesota State Fair, this beer was brought back as a summertime seasonal! Brewed with all Minnesota ingredients including a small amount of local strawberries.