Verdejo My, That’s Delicious!

Today’s feature wine comes to us from the heart of Spain, about two hours northwest of Madrid in a place called Rueda. Rueda is amazingly flat, is either freezing cold or hotter than Hades, and is one of the country’s driest regions. Fortunately for us, these conditions are ideal for growing a varietal by the name of Verdejo.

Verdejo is an ancient grape that was brought into the region over 1000 years ago. Over the past few decades we’ve seen an increase in it’s popularity due to its refreshing nature, accessible profile, and often accessible price point. To introduce (or re-introduce) you to the varietal we’ve managed to secure an amazing deal on the Vina Sanzo Verdejo 2016!

The wine opens with an aromatic expression of white flowers with tropical fruits in the background. On the palate it balances a slightly creamy roundness with lively acidity while finishing with a subtle nuttiness. Beautifully structured, this wine is amazingly complex for it’s price point and goes with just about any summer meal!