Better Call Saule

Have you ventured into our cooler to check out the big bottle selection and thought “That beer sounds really good, but I can’t justify $20/30 on a bottle of beer”? Well, today is your day if that’s the case, because we’re featuring four beers from California’s The Bruery at incredible prices!

Oude Tart: The Bruery’s version of a Flemish Red is aged in red wine barrels, and features notes of leather, oak, and dark fruit along with a palate-cleansing acidity.

Sans Pagaie: This interpretation of a Kriek pairs well will cheesecake, and features fresh cherries and a subtle funk.

Rueuze: Their take on a Gueuze, which is a blend of barrel aged sour beer of various ages. If you’re unsure of beer terms like “funk” and “barnyard,” and/or why anyone would find that appealing, this is a great beer to explore that with.

Saule: Every year, The Bruery makes an anniversary beer using the solera method. This means they blend in some of the previous year’s beer with the new beer, so that there is some of every year’s beer in every batch. The beer itself is an Old Ale aged in Bourbon barrels, featuring notes of vanilla, oak, toffee, and caramel.