Duck, Duck, Goose!

Goose Island has long been synonymous with Chicago craft beer since opening 30 years ago. Their former brewers have gone on to start their own successful brewing ventures, including but not limited to: Revolution, Perennial, Firestone Walker, and a personal favorite, Off Color. They were also the first to age beer 9 in bourbon barrels, dating all the way back to roughly 1995.

So today, we’re going to feature two of Goose’s flagship beers, IPA and 312.

My first exposure to 312 was in 2006 at a small, independent music festival in Chicago, where it was the “official beer of the festival.” It was in a park with no shade in the middle of summer, so having a light bodied, crisp but slightly fruity beer was very much welcome. Since then, they’ve put 312 in cans, making it even more summer-friendly option.

For those looking for something with a bit more bite, Goose IPA is going to fill that void for you. Brewed as an English-style IPA, meaning a bit more balance between floral, spicy hops and a strong, but dry malt base.