The Nimes Of Your Dreams!

Diane de Puymorin left a corporate career in Paris to found a wine estate in southern France. A lifelong overachiever, she studied the terroirs and selected the very best for her new home: Domaine de la Petite Cassagne in the Costières de Nîmes. She lost no time in establishing herself as a leader of quality, with her wines among the best in the appellation.

She’s accomplished all of this in a relatively short time and all while diligently practicing eco-friendly methods. The vineyard is farmed organically, the winery is powered through solar energy, she even goes as far as ensuring all of her materials are recyclable and label inks are water-based! Needless to say, details are very important to her and it shows in the quality of her wines.

The Domaine de la Petite Cassagne Costières de Nîmes Rouge 2015 is a blend 40% Grenache, 40% Syrah, 10% Carignan, and 10% Mourvèdre. It opens with aromas of black cherries, roasted chestnuts and dark chocolate which give way to notes of espresso, dark fruits and subtle herbs. This amazingly rich wine pairs perfectly with hearty stews, beef roasts, and nearly any autumn dish.

Cabernet Franc-ly Delicious!!

Today’s Thirsty Thursday feature hails from the Loire Valley in France. The region’s sandy, porous soils allow for ideal rainwater regulation, key for growing Cabernet Franc. Primarily used as a blending grape in other regions, the Loire’s soil quality produces exceptional character in the varietal allowing producers to feature 100% Cabernet Francs better than anywhere else in the world!

The Clos des Morains Saumur Champigny 2017 opens with dark, red fruit aromas. On the palate. this 100% Cabernet Franc is silky and supple with notes of fresh blackberries, raspberries and spiced leather. The finish is dry, lingering and well-balanced which allows this wine to drink perfectly now but also provides the potential for a couple years of cellaring.

Big House, Bigger Value!!

Monterey County is one of the most beautiful destinations along the country’s western coast. It’s home to some amazing drives (Bixby Bridge), an amazing aquarium (Monterey Bay Aquarium), an amazing golf course (Pebble Beach Golf Links), and of course, an abundance of amazing wineries. Today we are featuring one of those wineries at, you guessed it… an amazing price!

The Big House Zinfandel 2014 is big, bold, and everything you want in a Californian Zinfandel without paying a hefty price tag. It’s bursting with intense flavors of dark cherry, blackberry and mocha followed by notes of toasty oak and vanilla. It’s full on the palate, with rich aromas and bold fruit flavors that linger on the tongue from the first sip to the very last drop.

Le Giron C’est Bon!

There is nothing better on a warm day then a cold, crisp, thirst-quenching glass of white wine. If it gets hot enough (like it’s supposed to this weekend) it can be rather easy for the bottle to disappear…The secret to combating this disappearing bottle dilemma is by stocking up on a wine that is not only delicious but also budget friendly. The Château Le Giron 2016 Bordeaux Blanc is here to help!

This dry white blend of Semillon (60%), Sauvignon Blanc (30%), and Muscadelle (10%) opens with fresh floral aromas and zesty citrus. On the palate you are greeted by pear, peach, and it is slightly herbacious. The finish is rich, round, yet crisp, making it perfect for a warm August afternoon or to accompany a variety of summer dishes!

Named a “Best Buy” by Wine Enthusiast!

Duck, Duck, Goose!

Goose Island has long been synonymous with Chicago craft beer since opening 30 years ago. Their former brewers have gone on to start their own successful brewing ventures, including but not limited to: Revolution, Perennial, Firestone Walker, and a personal favorite, Off Color. They were also the first to age beer 9 in bourbon barrels, dating all the way back to roughly 1995.

So today, we’re going to feature two of Goose’s flagship beers, IPA and 312.

My first exposure to 312 was in 2006 at a small, independent music festival in Chicago, where it was the “official beer of the festival.” It was in a park with no shade in the middle of summer, so having a light bodied, crisp but slightly fruity beer was very much welcome. Since then, they’ve put 312 in cans, making it even more summer-friendly option.

For those looking for something with a bit more bite, Goose IPA is going to fill that void for you. Brewed as an English-style IPA, meaning a bit more balance between floral, spicy hops and a strong, but dry malt base.

Better Call Saule

Have you ventured into our cooler to check out the big bottle selection and thought “That beer sounds really good, but I can’t justify $20/30 on a bottle of beer”? Well, today is your day if that’s the case, because we’re featuring four beers from California’s The Bruery at incredible prices!

Oude Tart: The Bruery’s version of a Flemish Red is aged in red wine barrels, and features notes of leather, oak, and dark fruit along with a palate-cleansing acidity.

Sans Pagaie: This interpretation of a Kriek pairs well will cheesecake, and features fresh cherries and a subtle funk.

Rueuze: Their take on a Gueuze, which is a blend of barrel aged sour beer of various ages. If you’re unsure of beer terms like “funk” and “barnyard,” and/or why anyone would find that appealing, this is a great beer to explore that with.

Saule: Every year, The Bruery makes an anniversary beer using the solera method. This means they blend in some of the previous year’s beer with the new beer, so that there is some of every year’s beer in every batch. The beer itself is an Old Ale aged in Bourbon barrels, featuring notes of vanilla, oak, toffee, and caramel.

McMan-This Deal Rocks!

The McManis Family Vineyards has been family owned and operated since 1990 but the family’s winemaking roots go much deeper. They’ve been growing grapes in Central California for five generations and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge in producing high quality grapes. Today, the family farms over 2,700 acres via sustainable methods and the knowledge and care for their vineyards translates into premium wines at accessible prices!

The McManis North Forty Red is a blend of 50% Petit Verdot, 25% Petite Sirah and 25% Tannat pours a deep garnet in color. It opens with aromas of freshly baked berries, reminiscent of mixed berry pie filling, caramel and dark chocolate. A rich, dense creamy mouth coating texture is full of flavors promised by the nose. The flavors persist long after the wine has been swallowed and invites another sip!


Stay refreshed this weekend by stocking up on today’s Thirsty Thursday wine, Maria Sanzo Albariño 2016!

This delicious, dry white hails from the Rias Baixas region of Northwest Spain where Albariño isn’t just another varietal, but is a way of life! While twelve grape varieties are permitted in the region, the white Albariño grape represents over 96% of all plantings. Such focus on a single varietal results in the local winemakers perfecting their craft and producing the best Albariños that money can buy!

The Maria Sanzo Albariño 2016 is extremely aromatic with expressions of white flowers, citrus and pears. On the palate it has a bright minerality, with notes of peach, apricot and a zesty finish. It’s fresh, fruity, and has a balanced acidity that makes it disappear from your glass quickly!

Spanish For…”The Gose”

The Gose (pronounced goes-uh) originated in Germany which is also where the Reinheitsgebot (aka the German Purity Law) began. The law states that there are only to be 4 ingredients in beer, nothing other than Water, Malt, Hops, and Yeast. However, Gose gets by the purity law with a designation of “regional specialty.” “WHAT ARE THE MYSTERY INGREDIENTS?!” you ask. Well, traditional Goses see the additions of coriander and salt, are wheat based, and have a slight lemony tartness.

Now take what you just learned about Goses, and throw it out the window because there’s no such thing as the American Purity Law. Based in Colorado, Avery’s El Gose sees the additon of sea salt as well as lime. It’s slightly tart with a clean finish and a low-ABV, making it a great beer for this swampy weather coming up.

Step Into The Limelight

As I sat down to write my portion of today’s email and saw the picture above, I thought to myself, “whoa, people who like lime are going to have a heck of a Thirsty Thursday!” Today we’ve got two beers for you, and both of them feature one of my favorite, yet underutilzed adjuncts…limes!

Uinta Lime Pilsner is a beer we’ve featured in previous Thirsty Thursdays, however it remains near or at the top of my list of favorite summer beers every year. The lime flavor is pronounced but not artificial, while the light-bodied and clean Pilsner base makes it crazy refreshing. AND it’s in cans, so it’ll go anywhere you do this weekend.