Kiss From A Rosa

Since entering the market about a year ago, Chicago’s Revolution Brewing has received a warm welcome in Wisconsin. Drinkers here have an appreciation for balance, and Revolution nails it across the board, from IPAs to Porters, and everything in between.

Rosa is classified as a Golden Ale with Hibiscus. The flower gives the beer a pink hue to go along with a refreshing, yet subtle tartness. It’s a summer seasonal that’s meant for heat relief, and being in a can allows for even more options to get it.

PSA: Use Your Rearview Mirror

Taken from an already-deep stable of beers, Tyranena’s Brewers Gone Wild series has expanded it’s roster a lot in the past year or so. Consumer’s choices are so vast these days, it’s easy to get caught up in what’s always new and shiny. So, Tyranena responded with a bunch of new and shiny.

Steve Doesn’t Use A Rearview Mirror is a heck of a long name for a beer, and one that definitely caught our eye for reasons other than what quirky story is behind the long title. The beer itself is an Imperial IPA brewed with Mango. For fruited beers being such a big thing, Tyranena takes a more restrained approach, hiding the mango behind big, piney hops.


Juice Up Your Fridge!

Milwaukee is a beer city. From Miller to PBR to Lakefront, the history of beer runs deep in the Cream City. As of a couple years ago it’s starting to run even deeper.

The long running affinity for traditional German styles is still as prevalent as ever (you can’t swing a lauter tun without finding Lakefront Riverwest on tap). But there’s a new class of brewpubs popping up in the Milwaukee area that are cranking out some wonderful modern styles, including The Fermentorium’s Juice Packets IPA.

Juice Packets is a hazy, citrusy IPA that is single-hopped with the ever-popular Citra hop. And its low bitterness makes it an IPA for those that don’t normally care for IPAs.

First Port Of Call

Often characterized by by flavors of golden raisins and orange peel, white port is a perfect substitute for its red cousin during the hottest months of summer. Mix it into a cocktail and it really comes alive as an unique refreshment!

White port and tonic is a national favorite in Portugal: with a lower alcohol content than the classic Gin and Tonic you get all of the crisp, bubbly refreshment while also being able to sip on them all afternoon. If you’re looking for something easy to mix up look no further than a one-to-one or one-to-two ratio of white port to tonic but if you are looking for something with a bit more depth, I’ve recently been enjoying it in a slight variation of the mojito. Check out the recipe at our brand new website!

To introduce you to white port, we’ve got an amazing deal on the Porto Niepoort Dry White!


Renato Cori-Yes!

Tucked away in Northwest Italy lies one of the the most prestigious wine regions in the world, Piedmont. From big, bold reds such as Barolo and Barbaresco to sweet whites such as Moscato d’Asti, the region continues to set the standard for what quality wine should aspire to be, regardless of style. Today we offering up one of these gems, the Renato Corino Barbera d’Alba 2015, at an unbeatable price!

This aromatic Barbera offers scents of black cherries, cinnamon, and wet herbs. It is a bright and clean wine, with a fresh acidity reminiscent of ripe raspberries and mandarins. The brief passage in oak creates a slightly softened and balanced texture perfect for pairing with pizza, spaghetti, the patio or a picnic – an everyday, anytime kind of wine!


Cocktails Made Easy!

It’s no secret that the popularity of cocktails has started to skyrocket. Letting different ingredients play together can result in deliciously complex libations, however, they usually call for very specific ingredients proportioned at very precise ratios. It’s often easiest to just let your local mixologist do the work. Sometimes you just want something easy to stir up at home. Enter the Caribbean Mule, a slight variation on a classic, the Dark N’ Stormy:

.75oz Lime Juice

1.5oz Rum

3-4oz Parts Ginger Beer

Mix all ingredients over ice and pour into whatever vessel you choose (copper mug, highball glass, red plastic cup, etc.) and consider yourself refreshed! To help you get started we’re offering a couple of the components at amazing home bar-stocking prices!

Pyrat XO Rum: Produced from nine different Caribbean rums that are blended and then aged up to 15 years in used American and French oak barrels. With strong notes of orange, vanilla and molasses, it makes a great sipper and fantastic addition to cocktails.

Crabbies Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer: Crafted from a recipe using ginger which is cold steeped for up to six weeks, it is then combined with four secret ingredients to produce its deep, deliciously spicy flavor. Give your cocktail a kick with this delicious deal!


A Tout Le Monde

Metal and beer. They go together like peanut butter and jelly, spaghetti and meatballs, bacon and eggs. So in 2015, Megadeth singer Dave Mustaine decided he wanted to make a beer, but didn’t know how to approach it. The story goes…

“Ahead of a July 2015 show in Canada, Mustaine’s manager summoned Vietz (humbly through Unibroue’s online contact form, it should be noted). The veteran brewer cut short a vacation and brought several bottles of his limited releases to drink with the star he’d devotedly listened to since high school. And that’s when the alchemy began.”

Mustaine’s wish for his own beer would be simple, yet purposeful. Make a full-flavored beer that is easy to drink, and has a low alcohol content. A Tout le Monde is just that. Translating to “for everyone,” Unibroue (pronounced you-nuh-brew) and Mustaine made a dry-hopped Saison with an ABV of 4.5%, the lowest Unibroue has ever done. It’s crisp, dry, and bubbly…and today it’s a great deal.


MooBuzz Grenache Syrah Mourvedre 2015

In 2015, California’s Central Coast saw a vintage with an early harvest and low yields, providing concentrated full flavors. This blend of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre was sourced from the warm hills of Paso Robles to the cool peaks of the Santa Barbara Highlands; nearly the entire length of the Central Coast AVA. The result? A remarkably balanced blend of varietals combining elements that can please just about anyone!

The aroma is bright and alluring, with a suggestion of blueberries and raspberries freshly picked from a nearby patch of wild flowers. A soft entry bursts with flavors of juicy brambleberry, hints of white chocolate and a touch of oak spice on the smooth finish.  Well-toned acidity make it a great to pair with a variety of foods.


Jolly Pumpkin Sale!

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Pumpkin beers already?! It’s July!”

Not so fast, my friends. Jolly Pumpkin is a brewery originating in Dexter, MI and specializing in beers that utilize wild yeast. Their lineup leans heavy on the Saison as a base beer, which creates a canvas for additions of fruit, spices and whatever else master blender Ron Jefferies wants to add. Today we’re featuring two collaboration beers with a little bit of everything thrown in.

Calabaza Boreal – JP got together with one of the breweries that loves Brettanomyces as much as they do, Anchorage Brewing. The result is a funky, slightly tart Saison that sees additions of peppercorns, grapefruit and grapefruit peel. It’s also aged in oak for another layer of subtle complexity.

Sobrehumano Palena’ole – This collaboration with Maui Brewing combines two fruits native to each brewery’s home state, cherries and lilikoi (think Passionfruit). Balance is created from a lively acidity and assertive oak, keeping the fruit additions in check.

Château Recougne 2014 Bordeaux Blanc

This wine is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon, aged on the lees. Straw-colored with golden highlights, it offers up aromas of fresh grapefruit and green apple on the nose. Dry, fresh, clean and rich on the palate, it works well as an aperitif or as a pairing with seafood. Because of its Semillon component, it is offering riper fruit and juicy pear notes. It is also rich enough to pair nicely with many poultry dishes.